Product Care Instructions


Papillon Marketplace's metal art is perfect for both, indoor and outdoor use. All Papillon Marketplace metal art is coated with a protective gloss varnish. Please see below for specific care routines.


Haitian Metal Art that is displayed outdoors will generally not remain glossy and over time will take on natural patina. If left untreated, they will eventually rust. Some customers like the rusted look, but it will eventually corrode the metal art. To avoid corrosion, thoroughly spray each piece with WD-40® penetrating oil. Do not wipe the spray - let it dry naturally. For best results, reapply annually.


If your metal art becomes scratched or worn for any reason, you can apply a clear varnish made for metal. You can find these products on or as well as at most local hardware stores. The process is quick and you will see the scratches disappear immediately.


If you do have rust on your piece(s) and you want to remove it, simply sand it with fine sandpaper and then apply the spray clear enamel.

We want to welcome you to partner with us in selling incredible artisan goods from Haiti 🌺

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We have several ways to buy for resell. This site offers products made to order that take 6-12 weeks to receive. Because we work with over 200 artisans and several artisan groups, it is not uncommon to receive partial shipments as we aim to get items out asap as each artisan groups finishes with their portion.

If you would like to order items ready-made in our warehouse in Florida with a much shorter 7-10 day timeline, please go to and use the code WHOLE50 on your order of $300 or more to receive a 50% off wholesale discount.

We are here for you! Any questions on payment, special orders, private label, financing, vendor events, fundraising or more, please reach out to and let's figure things out together!

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