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We aren’t unfamiliar with the concept of using our purchases for good.
Buy American. 🇺🇸
Buy Local. 🏷
Support Small Businesses. 🦋
Eat at your local Ma and Pa Diner. 🍽
Support the Girl Scouts. 🍪
Buy calendars from the PTA. 📆


They may even make or break a business for the “small fish” swimming in today’s economic oceans. We know that local businesses need us, but more than that, we know that local businesses will have long term benefit to us as well. Our economies depend on them. And quite frankly, we prefer them.

We know that we really don’t want a world where Walmart and Amazon are our only two options and corporate chain restaurants replace any hole-in- the wall taverns that bring character to our cities and stomping grounds. We love the things that make our homes unique. While we appreciate the convenience of big box stores and corporations, we want to hang on to the little things that make our world interesting as well.

The small, independent businesses are what bring diversity and creativity into our lives.

By all means, buy American. Buy local. Buy from local artisans in your communities. But don’t forget to leave a seat at the table for marginalized artisans who have so much to offer us and deserve a place at the world’s economic round table. When we give to the poor, we help them for a day.

When we incorporate them into our supply chain, we bring hope for a lifetime and we empower them as partners, inviting them into our homes and lives.

With the current conditions of the world, there is no one who is being hurt worse economically than those who were already disadvantaged. They need our purchases NOW more than ever before. If you have received an economic stimulus check or even saved some money because of restaurants and movie theaters being shut down, please remember the artisans of this world with your extras this season. 

While we stay at home and wait it out, most around the world are suffering much more than we are and they don’t have our safety nets. If you would like to help us in our work in Haiti directly, please consider a purchase from, a donation to or ask us about how to buy in bulk and resell for us! And please encourage others in your sphere of influence to do the same...

With Gratitude,
We want to welcome you to partner with us in selling incredible artisan goods from Haiti 🌺

Wholesale Buyer Options:

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We have several ways to buy for resell. This site offers products made to order that take 6-12 weeks to receive. Because we work with over 200 artisans and several artisan groups, it is not uncommon to receive partial shipments as we aim to get items out asap as each artisan groups finishes with their portion.

If you would like to order items ready-made in our warehouse in Florida with a much shorter 7-10 day timeline, please go to and use the code WHOLE50 on your order of $300 or more to receive a 50% off wholesale discount.

We are here for you! Any questions on payment, special orders, private label, financing, vendor events, fundraising or more, please reach out to and let's figure things out together!

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