Big Announcement - We're Moving!
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Almost ten years ago, after the earthquake, I found myself standing in a yard that is forever etched in my memory. Maybe it was because it felt so odd and a little out of place in the dusty aftermath of devastation to see an old ranch style property that looked like...
Gratitude & Thanksgiving Memories - Haiti
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Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I can’t help but reminisce on the many Thanksgivings that were held in my dining room in
What Happened to All the Money? (The Story of Aid
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Millions of dollars were donated in the months following the earthquake and since in Haiti. People were eager to help and hopeful that this boost and influx of charity would perhaps be the answer that Haiti has needed for so long. Things appeared to be getting better for a few years and then rumors
Less jobs + Less tourism = More Suffering for Hai
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The roads are blocked both ways with a dump truck full of sharp splintered rocks. I can’t get a picture as it is too dangerous. There are about 50 men outside yelling and throwing green glass bottles on the ground. Glass shards are spraying the side of the building. These people are angry.
What I didn’t realize about signing kids up for s
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My two youngest kids from Haiti are participating in Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading. They love it. My son Jackso
It Takes A Village
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Our Company is Not Typical! While many companies are thinking about efficiency and how to cut labor costs, our whole m
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When I first moved to Haiti, I had my heart and my head set on trying to create jobs for parents who were at risk for relinquishing their children. What I didn’t really know when I went down there in 2008, was how exactly I was going to accomplish that...
Gucci Bags now made in Haiti
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I rode on the back of the motorcycle through the bumpy riverbed and headed north for more than thirty miles. I had been
Mother's Day
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I got on the phone with my mother last night from Haiti.  She and I have both been a part of working in Haiti with a he

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