Top 5 sustainable things we do to honor creation!

The passage of Earth Day and the fact that so much of creation has thrived as we have taken the Covid-19 pause so seriously has made us think about ways that we can continue to be kinder to the earth even as things get back to “normal”. Here are some of the ways that Papillon is and always has been a part of good stewardship of the creation.

1. Did you know that we use recycled cereal boxes and local clay for the foundation of much of our products? We do not use plastics at all in any of our artisan goods.

2. Our production facility in Haiti runs primarily on a whopping 52 solar panels- enough to run a kiln for pottery when the batteries are fully charged.

3. Our shipping department uses exclusively repurposed cardboard in all shipping from Haiti.

4. Our shipping department in the U.S. then reuses those same boxes for our online sales! Sometimes an ugly box is beautiful when you know it’s keeping our planet greener!

5. Our re-usable gift bags are made out of scrap fabric and hand-sewn in order to create jobs and reduce plastic waste.

We will continue to strive to find ways to reduce waste and love our creation as much as we can as we provide jobs for vulnerable people in Haiti. We believe that the same faith that inspires us to love people should also inspire deep gratitude to our Creator for what has been given to us with His amazing creation.

We want to welcome you to partner with us in selling incredible artisan goods from Haiti 🌺

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